Mindfulness And Restorative Justice With Mental Fitness Training

Building Capacity for Restorative MIND Work with Brain Wave Mental Fitness Training

What is Brain Wave Entrainment?

Entrainement frequency is the relationship between Body~Mind~Brain.  Brain State changes respiration, decreases muscle tension, and then the awareness levels begin to change.  With intentional Brain Wave Entrainment frequencies, the Body~Mind ~Spirit can achieve emotions and feelings of floating, deep relaxation, peaceful thoughts, and emotional serenity.  Relieving the human experience of a deprived chronological experience of joy, or better known as positive biological rhythms in life.  The ability of feeling joy and happiness.

​Brain Wave Entrianment is a process designed to integrate left and right brain functioning for emotional balance, stess release and enhanced wellness. Therefore, creating the opportunity for restorative thinking, behaving and being.

​Brain Wave Mental Fitness Training is easy to learn...easy to practice.....and easy to access.

What is Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is the practice of Non-judgmental Awareness.
  • Mindfulness is one of the tools that can be used to foster the development of Brain Wave competencies.
  • Mindfulness as a practice encourages the positive development of the inner self.
  • Development of the inner self awareness by training the MIND creates a stronger capacity to shift the mind for positve emotional responses. A major goal in Restorative Justice.

Using Mindfulness in the Restorative Circle Process

The science behind Mindfulness and Brain Wave Mental Fitness is connected to creating Alpha and Theta brain waves before circle sharing. When the brain is in Alpha or Theta Brain Wave functioning, the mind is more capable of receiving new information and retaining it for actual use. 

​Brain State can change with just the rate of breathing and focusing on the heart in rhythmic cycles.  We can create with intention, positive states of mind with persistent and regular Brain Wave Entrainment practice.

Training the MIND

The subconscious mind is a very obedient disciple, and immediately carries out the orders that you put into it. If you know how to practice Brain Wave Mental Fitness, you can train your subconscious MIND completely.

Then the ordinary MIND and intellect will follow suit.

Effective Restorative Justice practice requires a major shift in MIND and practice and MINDFULNESS is a  pathway to effective change.

Brain Wave Mental Fitness can be practiced at home, in the classroom or while resting in bed.  It is actually a very easy and simple technique to learn.

Regular lessons, accompanied by private practice with a recording or live instruction, enables you to understand the technique and to recall all of the instructions effortlessly.  While in an absolute state of deep relaxation, the student quickly learns and absorbs the content, speed, and sequence of instructions.

  • Discover

    The Natural secrets to healthy brain and emotional wellness


  • Develop

    A sharper mental edge & improved memory retention


  • Learn

    To relax the MIND by relaxing the body with
    Sonic Stress Reduction (SSR Healing System) and Consciousness Rotation Techniques


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